Monday, 19 October 2015

What can governments do to encourage inclusive innovation?

Whilst innovation is frequently associated with disruptive activities of entrepreneurs and firms, in the last few years we have seen a growing interest in how innovation can be ‘inclusive’, with a particular focus on innovations in developing countries.

We’re beginning to build a picture about ‘inclusive innovation’, but what we don’t know much about is the policy that supports this ‘inclusive innovation’. What can governments do to encourage the emergence and growth of inclusive innovation?

In a new working paper published by Dr Christopher Foster (iSchool) and Richard Heeks (University of Manchester) we look to answer this question. The paper is inspired by earlier work on the mobile phone sector in Kenya, which revealed that policy was integral in successfully pushing expansion to low income groups. In this paper we analyse inclusive innovation in a wider set of sectors to build more general advice for policy makers.

A short summary of paper can be found here and the full paper ‘Policy to support inclusive innovation’ can be accessed here.

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