Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Health Informatics research students present at ISHIMR 2011

Students from the Health Informatics Research Group are presenting their research at the 15th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research (ISHIMR 2011) which takes place on the 8-9 September 2011, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Liz Brewster is presenting a poster on her work entitled "Concepts of bibliotherapy: from initial definitions to patient empowerment" in collaboration with her supervisor, Barbara Sen.

Robinah Namuleme is giving a paper on her research entitled "Information
disconnects for people infected with, or affected by, HIV/AIDs" in collaboration with Nigel Ford and Peter Bath.

Tom Poulter is presenting a poster on his research "Requirements for oncology EPRs – a mixed methods approach" in collaboration with Peter Bath. Tom is also presenting a paper on "An Analysis of Electronic Document Management in Oncology Care" in collaboration with Brian Gannon (Birkbeck College) and Peter Bath.

Tomislav Dimitrovski is presenting a paper on "Acceptance of Health IT in Health Professionals" in collaboration with Professor Panos Ketikidis (SEERC, Thessaloniki) and Peter Bath.

Jean Stephenson-Agren is presenting a poster on her work entitled "Electronic patient record and documentation of deterioration in Patients at risk of in-hospital cardiac arrest" in collaboration with Professor Goran Petersson (eHealth Institute, Linnaeus University, Sweden) and Peter Bath.

Peter Bath is also presenting a paper on "Older people's health information needs and sources" in collaboration with former PhD student, Dr. Wen-Chin Hsu.

Also presenting at the conference at former PhD students, Professor Maija-Leena Huotari and Dr. Rabiah Ahmad, as well as Paolo Melillo (visiting research student) and Kristina Ericksson Backa (visiting researcher).

Information School organises the 15th ISHIMR conference

Barbara Sen and Peter Bath, from the Information School, are organising the 15th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (ISHIMR 2011) in collaboration with colleagues from the University Hospital Zurich and the University of St Gallen, Switzerland.

The conference is being held in Zurich on 8-9th September 2011 and is being attended by over 70 delegates from different countries throughout the world.

Barbara Sen is organising the doctoral forum at the conference.

Further details are available at: http://www.ishimr2011.com/