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Peter Bath co-authors paper in the British Medical Journal

A research paper by Peter Bath and colleagues in the School of Health Related Research (ScHARR) has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The paper reports a study to investigate the benefits of providing an information sheet to patients with acute chest pain in an Emergency Department.

The paper was published in the print version of the journal on 21st March 2009 and can be viewed at: the following link

Chemoinformatics group at American Chemical Society meeting

in Salt Lake City, March 21-25.
Richard Martin and Iain Mott both win CINF Scholarships for Scientific Excellence for posters entitled "Wavelet Compression of GRID fields for similarity searching and virtual screening" and "Multiobjective approach to optimising scoring functions for docking" respectively.
Val Gillet presents paper on "De Novo design using reaction vectors: Application to library design" and Eleanor Gardiner presents "Development of test systems for pharmacophore elucidation".

New members for AHRC PRC

Several members of the Department have just been accepted into the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College, starting in 2009 or 2010: Dr Ana Cristina Vasconcelos, Briony Birdi, Dr Daniela Petrelli, Professor Steve Whittaker and Sheila Webber.