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Big weather data & the exploitation of climate instability

GSMA project to develop a Global Smart City Index

Alex Peng was recently awarded a 3-month research placement project, funded by the Sustainable Society Network+ ( The placement will take place in the GSMA (a multi-national association uniting over 800 mobile operators across 200 countries,

During this project, Alex will be working together with the GSMA and the PwC to develop a robust metric and methodology that can be used to assess how ‘smart’ a city is.  A Global Smart City Index will be produced as the final outcome of this project.  The GSMA will make an official and global launch of this Index in their Mobile World Congress in Feb 2014.  Last year, the GSMA Mobile World Congress had 72,000 total attendees from more than 200 countries (including more than 4,300 CEOs), 1,700 total exhibitors, and 3,400 Media representatives (