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Showing posts from December, 2009

Ofer Bergman wins Best JASIST Paper for 2009

DIS post-doc Ofer Bergman's co-authored article on 'The user-subjective approach to personal information management systems design paper' has won the 2009 Best JASIST Paper Award. The jury considered the paper to be 'well-argued and documented, effective, intelligible, and potentially useful and applicable'. The article was published in JASIST 59 (2) and you can read more about the user-subjective approach at

Somsak wins Best Paper award at ICKM

Somsak Sriborisutsakul's paper on Evaluating Intellectual Assets in University Libraries received a Best Student Paper award at today's closing ceremony of the 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Hong Kong. The paper, which was co-authored and presented by Somsak's supervisor Sheila Corrall, was ranked in the top three papers of more than 100 papers in all categories presented at this year's conference.

Department student publishes in the Emergency Medicine Journal

Haleh Ayatollahi, one of the PhD students in the Health Informatics Research Group, has had a paper published in the Emergency Medicine Journal (EMJ). The Emergency Medicine Journal is the journal of the College of Emergency Medicine and is part of the BMJ Journals; it can be accessed at:

The paper reports the findings of the first phase of her research, a qualitative study, in which she interviewed 34 staff in an Emergency Department. The study found that while staff believed that improving access to patient information could improve the delivery of emergency care services, they had concerns about the confidentiality of patient information. It concluded that the design of information systems in the Emergency Department should achieve a balance between accessibility and confidentiality.

The paper was co-authored with Dr. Peter Bath and Professor Steve Goodacre (ScHARR). The article can be accessed at: