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The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere - book co-edited by Dr Elisa Serafinelli published by Palgrave

Bringing together contributions from the fields of sociology, media and cultural studies, arts, politics, science and technology studies, political communication theory and popular culture studies, this volume engages both with theoretical debates and detailed empirical studies, showcasing how the public sphere is transformed by digital media, and in turn how this digital public sphere shapes and is shaped by debates surrounding crisis, conflict, migration and culture. Case studies from Bulgaria, Nigeria, China, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, UK, Mexico and India are discussed in detail.

Our research associate Dr Elisa Serafinelli co-edited this book, which can be found here:
Reviews: all direct requests for review copies and will ensure that interested publications receive a copy (either electronic access or a print review copy, depending on their preference). If a review venue contacts you directly for…

Chris Foster presents in UN/ADB event "Trade and the digital economy"

Last week Dr Chris Foster was an invited presenter at the workshop "Trade and the digital economy" in Bangkok, Thailand, organised by UN agencies UNESCAP/UNCTAD and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

He presented a paper entitled "Value chains and the challenges of connectivity" which explores the growth on digital connectivity in the global South, and how this might be changing firm relationships. This presentation particularly drew on research examining the impacts of digital technologies in small and medium enterprise in East Africa.

This workshop highlights a growing interest on the role of digital technologies to transforming trade. In the ASEAN region, there is growing use of digital ICT and e-commerce within firms, including many smaller firms. But, it is not yet clear the best directions for policy makers and governments to support these innovations to drive wider economic growth. This workshop was a first step to exploring such questions.

Professor Paul Clough tutorial at Search Solutions event

Search Solutions is the BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group's annual event focused on practitioner issues in the arena of search and information retrieval. The tutorials for this year's event took place on Tuesday 29th November.
Several experts from across the field delivered practical training courses on issues in information retrieval, and our academic Professor Paul Clough presented a session in the afternoon along with Martin White of Intranet Focus Ltd.
Their session was entitled 'Enterprise search evaluation - good practice in action', and offered attendees the chance to learn about enhancing search evaluation in an enterprise context.
You can read more details about Paul and Martin's session here, and the programme of the whole day here.