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Link to Liz Chapman's guest blog on professional librarians

PhD student Liz Chapman has written a new guest blog to the Voices for the Library website, in which she eloquently argues the case for professional librarians, however difficult the current economic climate. See

You may also be interested in the wealth of material now available on the Voices for the Library site (, to which 09-10 MA Lib student Lauren Smith is a key contributor.

Willett on Chemical Information History

Professor Peter Willett is speaking at a joint meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group (CICAG) and the CSA Trust in association with the RSC Historical Group: Celebrating the History of Chemical Information on 29th November 2010. Professor Willett's talk is entitled Chemoinformatics: historical development of database methods.

Award from Ordnance Survey

Paul Hurst, who took our MSc IS programme last year took part in the Ordnance Survey (OS) sponsored dissertation programme (Paul was supervised by Dr Paul Clough). Following completion and assessment of his dissertation by OS, he was awarded the full £700 sponsorship. For the first time this year, OS also decided to award a prize to the university department of the top student on the programme. In recognition of the outstanding quality of Paul's dissertation, this prize has been awarded to the iSchool and will be used to improve learning and teaching related to Geographic Information Systems and Geiographic Information Retrieval.