Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Link to Liz Chapman's guest blog on professional librarians

PhD student Liz Chapman has written a new guest blog to the Voices for the Library website, in which she eloquently argues the case for professional librarians, however difficult the current economic climate. See http://www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk/wordpress/?p=708.

You may also be interested in the wealth of material now available on the Voices for the Library site (http://www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk/wordpress/), to which 09-10 MA Lib student Lauren Smith is a key contributor.

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Ian Anstice said...

Hi. I graduated from Sheffield with a MA in Librarianship way back in 1994 - and have fond memories of the place. I do a blog listing the current cuts in public library services at http://publiclibrariesnews.blogspot.com/

Regards. Ian.