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Paul Clough speaks in Glasgow

Dr Paul Clough gave a research seminar at Glasgow University on Monday, March 14th. His topic was Providing Personalized Access To Cultural Heritage Information. His abstract was as follows.
"In this talk I will describe a new European project called PATHS (Personalized Access To cultural Heritage Spaces) that aims to support information exploration and discovery through digital cultural heritage collections. This project aims to implement the user models discussed in this paper and provide a mechanism for users to create and share pathways through information spaces for learning and knowledge discovery. Personalized access to digital cultural heritage resources will be provided by adapting suggested routes to the requirements of individual users and groups, such as students/teachers, professional archivists and historians and scholars. In particular, I will discuss the use of paths or trails as a flexible and powerful model for personalized access to cultural heritage spaces and …

Lauren Smith: mover and shaker

Lauren Smith, a graduate of last year's MA Librarianship course, has been identified as a "mover and shaker 2011" on the Library Journal website. It notes that "the "one-woman library-saving machine," campaigned tirelessly throughout 2010 against the closure of libraries in Great Britain ... The actions of this self-described "library campaigner" are a lesson in commitment for the rest of us."