Monday, 26 October 2015

Dr Paul Reilly is UK Work Package Leader on the CascEff: Modelling of Dependencies and Cascading Effects for Emergency Management in Crisis Situations Project

Dr Paul Reilly of the Information School is the UK Principal Researcher and Work Package Leader on the CascEff: Modelling of dependencies and cascading effects for emergency management in crisis situations’ project.

The Sheffield team, consisting of Dr Reilly and Dr Dimitrinka Atanasova, aims to identify examples of good practice for public communication during both natural and human-made crises. They will focus on how citizen and professional journalists have contributed to the information flows that emerge during such incidents.
This EU PF7 funded project began in March 2014 and the Sheffield team are responsible for conducting interviews with key agencies involved in incident management; framing and content analysis of news media coverage and analysis of social media content.
A copy of the deliverable, ‘A strategy for communication between key agencies and members of the public during crisis situations,” can be found here.

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