Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pinfield Speaks at LIBER Conference

On 25 June, Dr Stephen Pinfield will speak at the LIBER Conference 2015 in London.

He will deliver a paper entitled '6.3 'Open' Initiatives in Higher Education Institutions: Towards an Integrated Strategy' with Sheila Corrall from the University of Pittsburgh, and previously the Information School at the University of Sheffield.

Open approaches in higher education have evolved from open source software, open access to research, and open courseware, to initiatives concerned with infrastructure and process. Open science typifies this broader conception, but can be interpreted differently by stakeholders. Open developments are gaining impetus from bottom-up movements and top-down forces, but practitioner tactics and institutional policies rarely consider openness holistically, aspiring to similar goals without seeing the benefits of a coordinated strategy.

This research aims to describe what an integrated open strategy for a university could look like, addressing both content and process dimensions of strategy formation. The results have been used to elaborate the major components of a coherent open strategy, incorporating themes such as governance, licensing, and funding, and discussing issues such as stakeholders, skills, and culture.

Future research in this area shall also address the role of strategies and policies in creating capacity and changing behaviour, and the contribution of libraries in promoting open scholarship.

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