Thursday, 4 June 2015

Data Science Seminar - Data science in government, the OR profession and Department for Education

Join us on Tuesday 9 June for a data science seminar on "data science in government, the OR profession and Department for Education” by Madeleine Greenhalgh, Head of Data Science at the Cabinet Office, Richard Allison and Jonathan Edwards.

Large and complex data is increasingly becoming more readily and cheaply available, as is the technology to collect and analyse that data. Government already holds data which is being analysed by talented analysts, but we believe that applying data science techniques to this data and using insight from new and complex data sets can allow government to improve how we create policy and deliver services.

Madeleine Greenhalgh works in the central data science team in government and will describe how we are taking a practical approach to testing data science techniques as well as embedding these skills within government as a whole, particularly in the analytical professions.

Richard Allison is a member of the Operational Research profession and will show how OR analysts are moving towards data science with examples of data science being used in the profession.

In addition, several departments across government are using data science techniques in their policy making - Jonathan Edwards will give a flavour of some of the data science work undertaken in the Department for Education.

All are welcome and there is no need to book.  The seminar takes place on Tuesday 9 June at 13:00 in Information School Lecture Room RC-204, Regent Court.

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