Monday, 18 May 2015

Asda Deliver Big Data Seminar at the Information School

On Tuesday 12 May 2015, Ed Child, Head of Customer Data Team at Asda joined us in the Information School to present a seminar on 'How Asda are using big data to understand their customers'.

The seminar explored how Asda is engaging Big Data to understand its customers. Ed considered a number of factors during the seminar:

  • The opportunities that Big Data has presented to business to understand customer behaviour
  • Examples of this data use in action to drive personal communications
  • How technology is impacting the changing retail landscape and impact on shopping

Ed is responsible for Customer Data at Asda, having created and managed the Single Customer View for a number of years. This includes leading a team of analysts delivering insights from data to understand customer behaviour, as well as the tools and technology powering Asda CRM systems. He is also responsible for Marketing Effectiveness, helping support one of the country's largest retailers to understand the impact of its marketing through Test & Control, Econometrics and Attribution modelling. Ed has a background in GIS, CRM, digital marketing, analytics, data management and marketing evaluation, and experience in using a wide range of analytics tools including Unica, Alterian and most recently SAS.

The seminar was a very popular event and we would like to thank Ed for visiting the Information School.

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