Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dr Jonathan Foster is Partner on WUN Data Diplomacy Project

Dr Jonathan Foster of the Information School is the University of Sheffield partner on a Worldwide University Network (WUN) Project on 'Data Diplomacy: Political and Social Dimensions of Data Collection and Sharing'.

The project is led by the University of Rochester and is part of a WUN Global Challenge on Understanding Cultures and Global Health.  The University of Auckland, University of Bristol, and the University of Western Australia are also involved in the project.

Data Diplomacy is an emerging construct that integrates concepts from data science, technology, and computing, with social science, international relations, and diplomatic negotiation.  In some cases it offers a new diplomatic tool that facilitates global relationships. Equally, questions surrounding burgeoning data creation and data sharing provide areas of tension in this new space for example issues related to privacy, security, free expression, and regulation - as well as variances particular to national and international contexts.

The project brings together stakeholders representing global, bilateral, and institutional interests and will engage the broad concept of data diplomacy and explore this in a number of topic areas such as agency, privacy, ownership and freedom of information.

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