Thursday, 19 February 2015

Developing Your Visualisation Literacy: A Workshop for Non-Experts

The Digital Society Network will host a workshop on visualisation literacy on Monday 23 March, 14:00 to 16:00 in the ICOSS conference room at the University of Sheffield.  The aim of the workshop is to develop attendees' visualisation literacy.

Data visualisations are increasingly ubiquitous. They’re used to communicate data to decision-makers, in journalism to communicate important news stories, and increasingly, to communicate research findings in the humanities and social sciences, fields not historically dominated by large datasets or their visualisations. The growing ubiquity of data visualisations requires researchers in these fields to develop their ability to make sense of them.  In other words, to develop their visualisation literacy. This can seem like a difficult task for people not accustomed to analysing the visual, statistical and mathematical at the same time.

This two-hour workshop is targeted at humanities and social science researchers who are not experts in data visualisation and who want to develop their ability to make sense of datavis. It is based on an AHRC Digital Transformations-funded project 'Seeing Data: are good big data visualisations possible?'. It will include hands-on activities and discussion of techniques and project findings, and will be run by the Seeing Data project team, led by Professor Helen Kennedy. Refreshments will be provided.

There are 30 places on this workshop, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. You are asked to bring your laptop or tablet to the meeting, if you have one. To sign up, please register online.

Please note that this workshop is not for people who are already familiar with datavis.

The Digital Society Network is an interdisciplinary group which focuses its research on society-technology interactions.  Professor Paul Clough of the Information School is a Co-Director of the network, and Professor Elaine Toms, Dr Farida Vis and Dr Andrew Cox are Steering Group members.

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