Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Research seminar: NHS Choose and Book Service

Reza Rabiei

National Programme for IT (NPfIT): clinicians’ and managers’ perceptions of, and
satisfaction with, the Choose and Book Service

Friday 26th October

Choose and Book is a new service being implemented under the National Programme
for IT (NPfIT) in the UK National Health Service. It aims to provide an online
service for patients and GPs to book hospital appointments at a convenient
date, time and place.

This longitudinal qualitative research aims to achieve an in-depth understanding
of the views and experiences of people in primary and secondary care settings
towards the Choose and Book Service.

The main aim of this research is to examine clinicians’ (GPs and hospital
consultants) and managers’ (GP managers and hospital departmental managers)
perceptions of, and satisfaction with Choose and Book. Little research has
examined the Choose and Book Service or, at least, published information in
this area is scarce. Therefore, it is important to investigate the views and
experiences of people who have access to this service. Understanding issues
that influence people’s views and experiences of Choose and Book could improve
the usage of this service and as a result, could enhance user satisfaction. In
addition, lessons learned from this research will help the design and
implementation of other systems in the health sector.

The results of the first five interviews will be presented in this seminar. The
interviewees were four General Practitioners (GPs) and one general practice
manager. The seminar will focus on the main themes emerged from the preliminary
data analysis.


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usenet said...

As you say, little research has been done on Choose and Book, so I thought you might be interest in a patient survey we've recently published suggesting Choose and Book is failing to deliver the expected choice: see here.