Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Discussions in Second Life

There is a further series of discussion in the Centre for Information Literacy office in the virtual world, Second Life. The dates are:
Thursday 4th October. -14-15.00 SL time (20.00 UK time) "Information Literacy and Media Literacy: what's the difference?"
Thursday 18th October 2007. 08.00 SL time (4pm UK time) Discussion based on an IL article (to be selected in advance - suggestions welcome!)
Thursday 25 October, 08.00 SL time (4pm UK time) "What is important for librarians to learn about Second Life and what role should they be taking?"
Thursday 1 November14-15.00 SL time (20.00 UK time) "Inquiry-based learning in SL"
All events are held in world in Second Life: Eduserv Island 200, 240, 43

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