Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Relevance Criteria for Medical Images Applied by Health Care Professionals

Research seminar by Shahram Sedghi

Thursday 18th October13.00-14.00

Digital medical imaging has become a vital component of a large number of applications within the current clinical settings. Additionally, the aim of information retrieval is to find as many relevant documents as possible. Thus, the concept of relevance, relevance judgment process, and research relevance criteria are the topics of many researches in information science. Medical images contain useful information and these collections serve a variety of clientele with different levels of ‎subject knowledge in medical schools and departments, and health care professionals seek medical images expecting to find relevant items to satisfy their ‎needs. However, to my knowledge, no previous study among the large body of user-oriented relevance studies focuses on how health care professionals perform real medical image seeking with real information needs and how health care professionals choose medical images that they need. Therefore, in this exploratory study, relevance criteria for medical images will be gathered from health care professionals in their work situation. In addition, presented study will focus on the relevance judgment patterns of health care professionals in the context of their real medical image searching. The goal is to develop a substantive theory based on a conceptual understanding of the relevance judgment process for medical images as well as the main concerns that health care professionals consider when they look for medical images. In the first stage of the study, researcher carried out a preliminary study to prepare himself for the main study and examine the research data collection tool and data analysis strategy that he has chosen for his research. The next stage of the study will be to extend the participant group, and follow up the areas initially raised.


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