Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Join iSchool Researchers for a Pint (of Science)

Information School staff Paula Goodale and Paul Clough are participating in the nationwide Pint of Science public engagement event next week. Pint of Science aims to bring the latest research to members of the public in an accessible format and friendly venue. A celebration of academic research, Pint of Science began in 2012 and has since grown to include universities across the UK, including Sheffield for the first time in 2016. Each event includes 2-3 talks, with plenty of time for Q&A with the researchers. Come along and find out what our iSchool researchers have been up to, and enjoy a pint, and some science.

Paula will be talking about the Secret Life of a Weather Datum, as part of the ‘Earth, Wind and Sun: The Power of Weather’ event on Tuesday May 24th at the Doctor’s Orders pub, 412 Glossop Road. Building on work done as part of a research project by the same name, Paula will explain how weather data collected right here in Sheffield contributes to global climate science. She will also tell you how you can get involved through citizen science initiatives, including how to set up your own Raspberry Pi weather station, or how you can help to rescue long lost data from archives.

Paul’s talk on What’s Behind the Little White Search Box is part of the ‘Accessing the World’s Information’ event on Wednesday 25th May at Roco, 338 Glossop Road. Paul will explain what happens when you use a search engine, and how it decides what to put in your search results, uncovering the secrets of web science. So if you were wondering how Google works, or how it seems to know what you want before you’ve even typed it, this is the talk for you.

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