Thursday, 20 November 2014

Professor Peter Bath's Inaugural Lecture

On Thursday 13 November Professor Peter Bath gave his inaugural lecture entitled '"1966 and all that": Donabedians's model of quality applied to health informatics'.

During the lecture Peter discussed his research in Health Informatics over the last 20 years, focusing on his collaborations with PhD students and colleagues in the University of Sheffield. He described his research into the health information needs and information behaviours of patients, their carers and the general public. 

He discussed in detail Wen-Chin Hsu's PhD research into the use of NHS Direct by older people and the results of Healh Ayatolahi's PhD research, undertaken in collaboration with Professor Steve Goodacre from ScHARR, which identified the tension between making patient information accessible to clinical staff in Emergency Departments, while at the same time keeping it confidential. 

Peter also described the study he had collaborated on with the Palliative Care section which involved a study of over 2000 general practices throughout the UK looking at the provision of palliative care for patients. He also went on to discuss the new 'Space for Sharing' project, funded under the Emoticon programme, which is looking at the ways in which people share information in online environments when in extreme circumstances, and the role of empathy and trust in sharing. At the end of his lecture, Peter thanked all the students and colleagues he had worked with throughout his career.

Peter is pictured above with the Information School's Head of School Professor Val Gillet. 

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