Thursday, 18 September 2014

Information School Represented at Inaugural Faculty Research Conference

The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Science hosts its inaugural inter-disciplinary Faculty research conference on 19 September 2014 with strong representation from the Information School.

Six members of the Information School are speaking at the conference, with subjects highlighting the range of leading research which is carried out in the School:

·         Alex Peng – ‘Socio-Technical Challenges in Building Future Smart Cities’
·         Barbara Sen – ‘The information coping trajectory’
·         Peter Bath – ‘Sharing information online among people with life-threatening, chronic and terminal conditions’ and ‘Experiences of a Sandpit – life before, during and after the ESRC EMoTICON sandpit’
·         Sheila Webber – ‘Is this a game?  Blended interplay of information between digital and physical worlds'
·         Andrew Cox – ‘A photo a day!  Narratives of self-help in 365 projects’
·         Stephen Pinfield – ‘Lay summaries of open-access journal articles: Engaging with the general public on medical research’

Congratulations to all Information School staff who have been accepted to speak at the conference.  

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