Monday, 29 September 2014

Arts-Informed Information Studies and Visual Methods

The Information School, in association with the Centre for Visual Studies, is pleased to announce two forthcoming events focusing upon arts-informed studies of information and arts-informed methods for information research.

On Tuesday 21 October a lecture on ‘An Arts-Informed Study of Information Using the Draw-and-Write Technique’ will take place at 13:00 in the ICOSS Conference Centre.  The lecture will be delivered by Dr Jenna Hartel, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information and the University of Toronto and Visiting Scholar at the University of Sheffield Information School.   It will focus upon an arts-informed visual research project exploring the concept of information.   Graduate students participating in this project created ‘iSquare’ drawings to depict information.  The lecture will include a demonstration of the data gathering approaches which were used in the project as well as a report on iSquare research that is soon to take place in Sheffield and around the world.  All are welcome to attend this lecture.  Booking is not required and refreshments will be available from 12:30.

A workshop exploring ‘Arts-Informed Visual Methods for Information Research and Education’, delivered by Dr Jenna Hartel and Dr Andrew Cox of the Information School will take place on Thursday 23 October between 15:00 and 17:00 in Room 204 of the Information School in Regent Court.  This workshop is designed for researchers, educators, and practitioners in information science and cognate disciplines who wish to employ arts-informed visual methods for research or education.  During the workshop, Drs. Cox and Hartel will each demonstrate two arts-informed, visual techniques they have used in their work, including drawing, modelling and multimedia.  In an informal, conversational environment, all participants will be able to voice questions about arts-informed, visual approaches, and the workshop aims to a community of interest for the future. 

Booking is required for the workshop.  If you would like to attend, please book your place using our booking form.

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