Monday, 18 August 2014

Raspberry Pi Weather Project now live

A project to create a raspberry pi weather station is currently live in the Information School. 

The Sheffield Pi weather station has been created by Romilly Close, undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Sheffield.  The project was funded by the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme and is being supervised by Dr Jo Bates, Paula Goodale and Fred Sonnenwald from the Information School.

Information about the Sheffield Pi station and how to create your own can be found on the project website

You can also see live data from the Sheffield Pi station on, and further information can also be found on the Met Office Weather Observations Website.   

This work compliments the School’s existing project entitled ‘The Secret Life of a Weather Datum’ which explores socio-cultural influences on weather data.  This project is funded under the AHRC’s Digital Transformations Big Data call.  It aims to pilot a new approach to improve understanding and communication on the expression of socio-cultural values and practices in the transformation of weather data from its production onwards; and how these values and practices change as they interact with the data.  A key output of the project will be an interactive website with an integrated archive of research data that will encourage the public to engage with the production and use of big weather data.

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