Wednesday, 20 August 2014

CLEF 2014

CLEF 2014, the fifth Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF) conference, takes place in Sheffield between 15 and 18 September 2014, hosted by the Information School at the University of Sheffield.

This year’s event comprises an independent peer-reviewed conference which explores multilingual and multimodal information access evaluation as well as workshops and lab sessions which will test different aspects of mono- and cross-language information retrieval systems.  As with previous CLEF conferences, there will be a strong focus upon community-based evaluation and discussion on evaluation issues.

Keynote speeches will be delivered by Susan Dumais of Microsoft, Fabio Ciravegna of the University of Sheffield and Ann Blandford of University College London.

The General Chairs of CLEF 2014 are Paul Clough of the Information School at the University of Sheffield and Mark Sanderson at the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, RMIT University Melbourne. 

Registration details are available on the CLEF 2014 website.

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