Monday, 7 September 2009

Social networks in learning research seminar

Speaker: Nashrawan Taha

A Study of the Evolution of Networks among International Students in Formal Learning Communities

Wednesday, 9th September, 13.00 RC204

Social network analysis (SNA) has been used to study the pattern of interaction among learners in different online and offline communities. However, there is still not much research that focuses on the study of the evolution of the social network in a face to face formal learning context. By combining the use of SNA and qualitative data, this research aims to study the social network evolution of international students and the factors that shaped these changes in a face to face formal learning context. Combining social network analysis and qualitative methods, helps to provide a fuller picture of the network and obtain better quality and more accurate data. This research also explores the role of Web 2.0 in general, and Social Bookmarking technology in particular, in studying the social network relations.

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