Monday, 7 September 2009

Research seminar on risk management in IS Development

Risk Management in Information System Development Projects in the Thai Context

Speaker: Nipon Parinyavuttichai

Thursday, 10th September, 12.00 RC204

Information System (IS) companies have invested a large amount of effort and
resource in developing IS projects. However, many IS projects still
underperform, over run their budgets, or even end in failure. Hence, it is
important to identify risks behind the development of IS projects (ISD) and
implement appropriate risk management practices to the IS projects. Once these
IS risk management activities are put into action, IS projects trapped in a
failing course of action can be turned around to successful projects.

This research aims to 1) understand how an IS project evolves over a period of
development, 2) identify and analyse risks contributing to the outcome of an IS
project, and 3) examine how risks identified from the project are developed and
managed throughout the IS project. In order to achieve these objectives, case
study is chosen as the research method. The method is designed to thoroughly
investigate social phenomenon in which the researcher has little or no control.
Additionally, this method is commonly used in IS research to examine the
aspects of innovation (IS) and the people dealing with the IS. Semi-structured
interview and analysis of documentation are two approaches to be used in this
study to gather data from five Thai IS organisations and one IT department of a
university in Thailand where the ISD phenomenon takes place. The collected data
will then be interpreted through three stages of analysis depending on the
level of data. These three stages are 1) longitudinal analysis, 2) thematic
analysis, and 3) cross-case analysis.

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