Thursday, 12 July 2018

Alessandro Checco & Jo Bates win Best Paper at HCOMP 2018

From Director of Research Professor Paul Clough:

I am delighted to announce that Alessandro Checco and Jo Bates (together with Gianluca Demartini) have won the Best Paper award at the prestigious Human Computation or HCOMP 2018 conference for the following paper:

Checco A, Bates J & Demartini G (2018) All That Glitters is Gold -- An Attack Scheme on Gold Questions in Crowdsourcing. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing. Abstract here;

Not only is it a significant achievement to even be accepted at this conference it is an outstanding achievement to be nominated for Best Paper and then to win it is incredible. Alessandro and Gianluca were awarded the prize at HComp 2018.

Alessandro had this to say about the paper and reviews:

"Feedback from chairs was that they really liked the fact we opened a new direction (that is having workers using ML solutions on the employers). We will have the opportunity to submit an extended version of the paper published in The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (impact factor 2.284)"

Well done Alessandro and Jo, but particularly Alex who, amongst other things, provided the inspiration for the paper.

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