Friday, 27 October 2017

Doctoral Candidate Wasim Ahmed delivers keynote talk at Social Media Conference at Boston University College of Communication (USA)

Doctoral student Wasim Ahmed delivered a keynote talk on social media research methods and software at Boston University College of Communication. The event, Making Social Media Data Matter, was run by Professor Jacob Groshek and included talks from world renowned experts who work between the intersection of media and academia.

The event was very well attended from across academia, industry, and government and included members from organisations such as the United Nations. Wasim thanked his family for continued support and noted that the event was at the forefront of academic research methods and social media research tools. Wasim is supervised by Profesor Peter Bath, Dr Laura Sbaffi, and Dr Gianluica Demartini. Wasim is a doctoral student in the Health Informatics Research group

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