Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pam McKinney receives Faculty teaching award

Information School Lecturer Pam McKinney is one of only a small number of Faculty of Social Sciences staff to win a 'Teaching Excellence in Social Sciences (TESS) Award for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching' this year.

The award follows research-informed teaching methods she has employed, especially around group work. You can read some of her research on the topic in her paper 'The use of technology in group-work: a Situational Analysis of students' reflective writing.'

Director of Learning and Teaching for the School, Dr Peter Stordy, has this to say:

"Pam is an inspiring and reflective teacher who is highly respected by both staff and students. She consistently attracts glowing comments in student module evaluations and motivates students to produce a high standard of work. Her tenacious determination to provide genuine opportunities to develop students' employability and team work skills distinguishes her from other excellent teachers. Furthermore, Pam continually is at the 'cutting edge' of teaching, maximising opportunities to improve the student learning experience 

These achievements have led to seven outstanding learning & teaching peer reviewed journal papers and a vignette related to reflective writing, teaching information literacy and group work. A Faculty Award is well-deserved."

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