Friday, 22 January 2016

Christopher Foster published in new publication: Geographies of Information Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa

The newest edition of the 'African Technopolitan', a magazine about science, technology and development in Africa, includes an article written by Dr Christopher Foster (iSchool) alongside Mark Graham (OII, Oxford). The piece entitled 'Geographies of Information Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa' draws on previous empirical research to reflect on what new internet connectivity in the region means for inclusion in the ‘network society.’

The article suggests that connectivity certainly isn’t a sufficient condition for inclusion and equity. Connectivity, rather, tends to be an amplifier: one that often reinforces rather than reduces inequality. We therefore need to move towards deeper critical socio-economic interrogations of the barriers or structures that limit activity and reproduce digital inequality. The categorisations developed in the paper offer an empirically-driven and systematic way to understand these barriers in more detail.

Graham, M., and Foster, C. 2016. Geographies of Information Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa, The African Technopolitan. 5 p78-85. A full copy of the magazine can be downloaded here

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