Friday, 17 July 2015

Strong representation at i3 conference

Four iSchool members presented at the i3 conference in Aberdeen, Scotland in June 2015. Sheila Webber gave a paper on Self-identified Information Behaviour of learners in the FutureLearn “Play” MOOC. Three of her PhD students also presented on their research: Joseph Essel (Conceptions of the Information literate teacher by teacher trainees at a Ghanaian University), Syeda Shahid (Assessing children’s IL skills: Findings from a multiple case study of six primary schools in Pakistan) and Kondwani Wella (Experiencing HIV and AIDS information: a phenomenological study of serodiscordant couples in Malawi).
Additionally, some iSchool alumni presented including Sara Chizari who graduated with MSc Information Management in 2010 (How do cultural differences and cognitive styles affect online information searching behaviour?) and Yi Wen Hon who graduated with MA Librarianship last year (presenting on her Masters research, Representations of privacy in the context of conflicts of interest between government, newspaper and public discourses)

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