Monday, 7 April 2014

Information School Research Accessible via White Rose Research Online

Research published by staff and students from the Information School can be accessed for free via the University’s open access repository, White Rose Research Online.

HEFCE have just published a ‘Policy for Open Access in the Post-2014 Research Excellence Framework’ which calls for all research outputs to be made publically available through a repository. 

The Information School has been committed to the principal of open access for some years, and in December 2013 almost 15% of the University’s content in White Rose Research Online was provided by the Information School. 

At present, an ongoing project within the School is working to further expand the volume of research content which is available online through open access.  This has already dramatically increased the volume of the School’s research which is available online.

Some recent additions of new publications include:

The White Rose repository (shared with the Universities of Leeds and York) aims to make Sheffield University’s research more accessible, by giving other researchers and the public free access to published research results.  In addition to making research from the Information School easier to find, the White Rose repository will provide a home for this research in the long term.

To find out more and to access research from the Information School, visit White Rose Research Online.

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