Thursday, 16 December 2010

Webber active in Second Life

Sheila Webber has been very active in Second Life. On 9th December she gave an invited presentation on the University of Worcester Second Life island on Second Life and Inquiry Based Learning. There is a video of it here:
The previous day she had presented an exhibition of posters in Second Life relating to an activity in a Masters class "What information literacy means to my future career", which was attended by an international audience. Anyone with a Second Life avatar can visit the exhibition at
Other engagements in November were:
- Being interviewed in Second Life by Eleni Zazani, a librarian from Birkbeck College, as part of a live seminar that Eleni was conducting for staff development at Birkbeck;
- Invited panel guest on the virtual TV programme "Gridwrap", where Sheila was the focus of a 50 minute chat show on information and mis-information: this is the video
- A panellist in a session on teaching in SL organised by Tomáš Bouda, of Masaryk University in the Czech Republic.
- Giving a joint presentation with Professor Diane Nahl (University of Hawaii) on teaching LIS students in Second Life.

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