Tuesday, 9 December 2008

FP7 project OrganiK now underway

FP7 project OrganiK, which aims at the development of a knowledge management framework and system for knowledge intensive SMEs in Europe, is now underway. DIS will be coordinating the activities involved in the state-of-the art review, qualitative case studies on collaborative work practices at SMEs and evaluation of project results.

DIS participation will be undertaken by KIM research group members Dr. Ana Vasconcelos (coord.), Dimitris Bibikas and Tim Zijlstra, in close collaboration with Dr. Iraklis Paraskakis at affiliated research centre SEERC in Greece.

Dimitris Bibikas is PhD candidate at DIS and research associate at SEERC, in Greece. The OrganiK project framework stems directly from some of his PhD results.

Tim Zijlstra has recently joined DIS as research assistant, having finished the MSc. in Information Management with distinction. Before coming to Sheffield he worked in various roles in libraries as well as working as an information manager in secondary education in the Netherlands.

More details on the project, its consortium and activities can be found at http://www.organik-project.eu/

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