Monday, 12 November 2007

HEA-ICS project

MAIK – Multimedia Assessment in Information and Knowledge management

We have got a small grant from HEA-ICS for an action research project to investigate the issues around getting students to create multimedia as a form of assessment in a non-technical module (in this case Level 2 module, Information management in the learning organization, INF201). No skill in creating multimedia is assumed rather the focus is on demonstrating an ability to convey an idea that participates in substantive debates in the field conception through a very short multimedia presentation.

The main outcome of the project will be a reflective report on the benefits and issues (support, copyright, balance with other forms of assessment).

The value will be in extending the variety of available assessment methods and tapping into student interest in things like YouTube and the emergence of very easy to use tools such as and MS Photostory.

We hope spin-off benefits will include some student created material that could be used at open days & on web site to promote the kind of thing people do on the UG programmes.

We are keen for colleagues to be involved, eg via use of the pre-existing peer observation scheme to get your input on sessions.

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