Sunday, 1 April 2007

Information Literacy research

On 30th March the Department hosted a visit from the eminent information literacy researcher, Dr Christine Bruce, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia. Dr Bruce led a seminar in the morning for Sheffield researchers (staff and students), and in the afternoon we held a free seminar which celebrated research at both QUT and here in the Department. Dr Bruce gave a presentation on information literacy models derived from QUT research, and Professor Nigel Ford and Sheila Webber talked about information literacy and information behaviour research in the Department.

There were also two presentations focusing on research projects funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Researcher and educationalist Bill Johnston (Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement, University of Strathclyde) and Sheila Webber talked about UK chemistry academics' conceptions of information literacy. Professor Ford and Dr Andrew Madden (Research Fellow in the Department) discussed a project into the general public's approach to information searching. We were happy to welcome, as delegates, researchers and librarians from a variety of institutions such as Robert Gordon University, Loughborough University, Reading University and the University of Bangor.

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