Monday, 5 March 2007

In search of lost memory: mind, brain and culture

We announce a series of talks associated with the Memoir Marie Curie grant held jointly between ICOSS (Informatics Collaboratory of the Social Sciences) and the Department of Information Studies. The grant is associated with the development of computational tools for the creation and sharing of digital memories. Dr. Jens Brockmeier, a visiting Fellow for the project, will give a series of talks on multi- and interdisciplinary issues of memory research. All talks are held in ICOSS (219 Portobello Street, Sheffield) starting at 13.00. All welcome.
March 21, 2007: Locating oneself: Autobiographical remembering and narrative identity construction
April 19, 2007: Remembering Confucius: Autobiographical memory as cultural practice
May 17, 2007: Cultural memory: New spaces of remembering and forgetting.

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